Rip N' Collect - 2021 Select Footy AFL Optimum Football Hobby Break
1x 2021 Select Footy AFL Optimum Hobby Box
1x 2021 Sumo Slab AFL Repack Series 1
9 spots @ $60
2x Teans per spot.
Random Team Allocation.
Sumo Slab will be randomised individually after the box break on livestream.
Straight Fill.
Short Trade Period Available.
An authorised video runner will randomise the list of names 7 times.
The authorised video runner will then do the same format with team names.
The runner will then match the names list and team lists numbers to confirm assigned teams.
Breaking Thursday 16th December 2021 if full.
Saturday 18th December 2021 is the deadline. 
Updates are provided on our facebook thread.
Livestreams are run through our YouTube Channel (links in your email confirmation)
Goodluck all! Let it rip 💨

The Last Dance - AFL Optimum Break