Image by Mick Haupt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a box break?

A box break is a fun, interactive way to network, socialise and connect with other investors and collectors in the hobby.

Rip N’ Collect will gather a few boxes of sealed product or packs and sell what are called “spots”. 

What is a spot? 

“Spots” will be priced according to the product they are opening. Each “spot” will give you entry to the break and has a team/s assigned with it. 

How do I view the break? 

Rip n’ Collect livestreams will now be available on IGTV Live. All the details are in the listing of the break.

How do I know my team or player for a box break? 

  • Each team or player is determined via a randomiser/licensed raffler. 

  • All teams/spots are put in a list generator. 

  • This list is randomised 7 times to determine your teams for the break if needed. 

  • All details are updated on our Facebook Group Break Page. 

What is a Mini break? 

A “mini spot” is a way to win your way into the break that is listed. 


  • Similar to the teams, the list randomiser is used to determine who wins. 

  • Each mini is a different format which will be listed in the details. 

  • The list of mini spots are randomised when full, and depending on details will determine the winner. Usually in this case,  first place wins the main prize.