Meet the boys. 


Benny & Blake are both young entrepreneurs from the Gold Coast who have a strong passion for Sports Cards & Memorabilia. 


Benny founded Rip N’ Collect early 2020 by running group breaks amongst his friends and family after becoming inspired by influencers like Gary Vee, Ice (YKTR) and FourPoint Collectables. 


A few months in, Benny realised he needed a helping hand as the breaks started to become more frequent. Blake was first to put his hand up and helped Benny elevate Rip n’ Collect to where we are now. 


After a few months of breaking and opening boxes from home, the boys finally managed to open a shop with likeminded enthusiasts. Now open 6 days a week, they have an indoor basketball court in store, sports bar, gaming lounge and more!


The boys host weekly events in the hobby, sharing creative sides to collect cards and open the doors for different ways to grow your collections. 

Image by Mick Haupt

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